Session Plans

Here you will find session plans that we have all written, the idea of this location is for any coach to pickup different sessions and ideas without having to ask.

The level of coaching we offer all our members is what makes us stand out from the rest so we will continue to add to this page when new content is available. Blank templates can be found below

The difference between the plans is the method of delivery, the first one works on mastering a technique, moving into a challenge to develop it as a skill and then moving into a match scenario still focusing on the topic.

The Whole-Part-Whole method gets the kids into a game straight away with a specific idea/topic to try and play towards, you then move into a specific focus and then go back into a match encouraging them to do what they have just practiced.

As always if you want something new I am always happy to provide/assist.

Did you know about the iPad app? Ask to have a guide on how to use it.


DSYFC Head Coach

Session Plans written by Our Coaches