As a club we are committed to providing a safe environment for all members to play football in, off the pitch as well as on.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Clare Gardiner who can be contacted on claregardiner.cwo@hotmail.co.uk

The following guidance documents are available, click on the relevant document.

More information can be found on the FA Safeguarding website
Running a Website

Guidance for u18s

Communicating responsibly

Social, mobile and email

Social networking sites

Using texts and emails

Guidance for parents & carers

The CRB Process

CRB checks play an important part in keeping children and young people safe by helping to prevent unsuitable people from working or volunteering in children’s football.

You can find out more about the FA CRB process on the FA web pages dedicated to Safeguarding children by clicking here.

As a youth football club we need to ensure that key volunteers within the Club are CRB checked, these include managers, coaches and the Secretary. The first step in this process is having a Child Welfare Officer. Clare Gardner is the Child Welfare Officer for Dexter Sports and can be contacted via email – clare.gardiner@hotmail.co.uk

It is now possible to apply for a CRB check online. Click here to go the the online website. If you do apply online then please contact Clare to let her know of the application.

We have produced a handy guide to help you through this process – please email our Secretary if you would like a copy of the guide dshare@live.co.uk or Click Here to download the PDF.